Taylor Camp

In 1969 Howard Taylor, brother of Elizabeth, bailed out a motley group of thirteen young Hawaiians jailed for vagrancy and invited them to camp on his ocean front land. It wasn’t long before word spread and scores of hippies, surfers and troubled Vietnam vets migrated to Taylor Camp and built a clothing-optional, pot-hazed treehouse village at the end of a road on Kauai’s North Shore.

camptaylor6No electricity. No amenities of any kind. The hippies went to work, building their beach-front tree houses with bamboo, scrap lumber and random salvaged materials, creating a utopian dream community. They lived off the land and fished. They recruited a medic and a midwife. Residents took in strangers who were looking for an escape. Kids went to a local school Рcamper parents convinced the bus driver to include Taylor Camp on his route.

At its peak, about 120 people were living on the 7 acre property.

In 1977, the state acquired the property and the village was condemned to make way for the Na Pali State Park. The residents were evicted. Authorities set fire to the camp to ensure they wouldn’t return. The dream was over.

Taylor Camp – The Film
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