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Canada’s Largest Art Theft

Canada’s largest art theft occurred on Labor Day in 1972 when three armed bandits broke into the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts through a skylight under repair and stole 18 paintings and 37 objects of decorative arts and jewellery. All but one of the stolen paintings – a small Jan Breughel painting – remain missing today.

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La Vallée

La Vallée is a 1972 French film written and directed by Barbet Schroeder. The film stars Bulle Ogier as Viviane, a woman who goes on a strange and accidental voyage of self-discovery through the New Guinea bush. Pink Floyd recorded the album, Obscured by Clouds, as the soundtrack to the film.

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Rainbow Gathering 1972

For over 40 years, “Rainbow Gatherings” have taken place the first week of July throughout the world. Strongly associated with counterculture and hippie subculture, they serve as a sort of communal protest against consumerism, capitalism and mass media, while encouraging peace, love, respect, harmony, freedom and community. The first gathering took place in July 1972 at Strawberry Lake near Granby, Colorado.

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