Space Fidgit

The Space Fidgit was an interesting 70’s toy that consisted of a colored, creamy gel-like liquid encased in a transparent plastic half-bubble. When the user slid their fingers over the flat back of the bubble, the movement and body heat would generate a kind of morphing liquid light show.

A description from the original product packaging:

This unique plastic disc is filled with fascinating liquid crystals. Just a touch on the back causes liquid to flow into a spectacular show of changing hues and patterns.

Due to the nature of the toy’s materials (notably the liquid, which would dry up over time), it’s unlikely that very many Space Fidgits exist today.

Although a relatively obscure 70’s toy, they seem to have made a considerable impression on those lucky enough to remember or own one of these curious little psychedelic gizmos – have a look at the comments left on a message board devoted to the lovingly remembered Space Fidgit.