Skycycle X-2

The Skycycle X-2 was the steam-powered rocket owned by Evel Knievel and flown during his infamous Snake River Canyon jump near Twin Falls, Idaho on September 8, 1974. A safety parachute deployed during the launch, causing the stunt to fail almost immediately. An unforeseen design flaw caused the premature parachute deployment.

Evel KnievelAlthough the parachute deployed early, aerial photographs show the X-2 actually cleared the canyon, but winds blew the rocket back to launch side, sending the rocket floating to the bottom of the canyon, barely missing the river.

Three X-2 Skycycles were built for Knievel. The first two were used for test flights. Unable to fund further tests, Knievel used the third for the canyon jump. In 2007, the X-2-1 Skycycle was offered for sale for $5,000,000. The X-2-2 is owned by the Knievel estate and periodically exhibited along with a museum of Knievel artifacts.

The jump on YouTube