Ripping Yarns

Created by Michael Palin and Terry Jones following the end of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Ripping Yarns was a British television series featuring tales of adventure, mystery, suspense and drama – a BBC production that ran for two seasons. Each episode had a different setting and characters, all focused on a different aspect of British culture and parodying pre-World War II literature aimed at schoolboys. “Ripping” is British slang meaning “excellent” or “fine”, and “yarns” is a colloquialism for exaggerated stories.

There were nine episodes in total, the first 6 shown in 1977 and the final three in 1979. Although not reaching the level of acclaim as fellow Python John Cleese’s “Fawlty Towers”, Ripping Yarns has nonetheless achieved cult status.

Episode guide, with plot synopsis for each