Rainbow Gathering 1972

Being There“So off to the mountains I went. There were at least two police roadblocks along the way, but I waved my press card and got through. Then I encountered the hippie roadblock, where my official press ID, duly issued by the Colorado Press Association, meant that even if I had a beard and was driving an old van, I was part of the evil establishment media that were exploiting and sensationalizing their innocent joyful celebration. But that festival had several sponsors, among them the Universal Life Church.

I had first heard of it in 1969 when I read a magazine article about this bizarre California church that would ordain anybody. I wrote and asked if that was true. It was true; within days I received an ordination certificate and wallet card.” – Rainbow Recollections: Denver Post columnist Ed Quillen attended the first Rainbow Gathering.

The Culture “In theory, rainbow gatherings have no official organizers or leaders. No one is in charge. Some might describe gatherings as anarchistic communes. And others would resist that kind of labeling.”Rainbow culture explained

1972 highlights


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