Goodies in Albums

Remembering the good old days of vinyl – when albums sometimes came with terrific, free extras. Sourced from a long thread at The Straight Dope forum, some highlights:

Jethro Tull’s “Thick as a Brick” came with a many-paged newspaper insert. Their “Stand Up” had a pop-up of the band in the middle.

The Who’s “Quadrophenia” came with a massive foldout book.

Todd Rundgren’s albums have featured a number of extras A Wizard/A True Star featured a postcard that purchasers could send in to get their names on the next album, and a printed image of a Band-Aid with a poem by Patti Smith. Todd had that poster, 10,000 names laboriously typed in by hand (this was in 1974) and screened to duplicate the cover image in shades of gray.

“Dark Side of the Moon” had posters and stickers.

John and Yoko’s The Wedding Album also have a variety of items, including photos, drawings, a copy of their wedding license, a picture of a piece of cake, and news clippings.

Brian Eno’s Before And After Science had 4 11″x6″ offset prints by artist Peter Schmidt.

Venus and Mars by Wings had a couple of posters and stickers.

The front artwork on Rick Wakeman’s 1976 LP No Earthly Connection was warped, but became un-warped when viewed with the included foil mirror, rolled and placed in the center.

Grand Funk’s Shinin’ On was a 3D cover that you viewed through glasses that came with the LP. It really is pretty cool when you look through the glasses… as I recall, the back cover has about 8 different levels of depth.

Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” (which itself assembled into a school desk) came with a pair of paper panties.

The champ was the original version of the Who’s Live at Leeds, which had:

A poster of the group
A copy of their contract at Woodstock.
A letter from EMI records, rejecting them as a recording act.
Typewritten lyrics to “My Generation,” with handwritten notes.
A sheet showing the income and expenses for an early tour.
A letter telling them a gig was being cancelled because they weren’t the type of act the venue wanted.
A list of gigs on a tour, with what they were being paid for each.
A delivery slip for fireworks
An early photo of the group
A picture of Townsend jumping up and down with his guitar at Woodstock.
Plus a few other items that I can’t remember.