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Silver Jubilee

The 1977 Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II was a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. It featured large-scale parties and parades throughout the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth throughout the year, peaking in June with “Jubilee Days,” coinciding with the Queen’s official birthday.

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Love Canal

Love Canal is an aborted canal project branching off of the Niagara River about four miles south of Niagara Falls, NY. It is also the name of a fifteen-acre, neighborhood built directly adjacent to the canal. From 1942 to 1953, the Hooker Chemical Company, with government sanction, began using the partially dug canal as a chemical waste dump. At the end of this period, the canal contained approx 21,000 tons of toxic chemicals, including at least twelve that are known carcinogens. Hooker covered the 16-acre hazardous waste landfill in clay and sold the land to the Niagara Falls School Board, attempting to absolve itself of any future liability by including a warning in the property deed.

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The Concert for Bangladesh

The Concert for Bangladesh was organized by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar and performed at 2:30 and 8:00 PM on Sunday, August 1st 1971 to a total of 40,000 people at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The shows were organised to raise international awareness and finance relief efforts for refugees from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), following the Bangladesh Liberation War-related Bangladesh atrocities.

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Blizzard of 1977

On Friday, January 28, 1977 the western New York and southern Ontario areas were pummelled by a fierce winter storm that continued for 3 days. Daily peak wind gusts ranging from 46 to 69 mph were recorded by the National Weather Service Buffalo Office, with snowfall as high as 100 inches recorded in some areas. The high winds created snow drifts of 30 to 40 ft. There were 23 total storm-related deaths in western New York, with 5 more in northern New York.

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CN Tower

Originally conceived in 1968 as a radio and television communication platform, Toronto’s CN Tower was constructed between 1973 and 1976. For 34 years, it stood as the world’s tallest free-standing structure and largest tower. In 1995, it was declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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